Sends pictures to your mobile

Why pay thousands of dollars for a security company to monitor your premises?

No internet connection needed

This multi-alarm security camera operates through the mobile network.

It watches when you're not there

Security at a fraction of the price of conventional CCTV systems.

D.I.Y. Wireless Security Monitoring

The camera uses the same GSM technology as your mobile phone, is simple to use and has virtually endless benefits as a security feature in your home, work, holiday home or trade vehicle. The security camera will become as valuable in day to day life as your mobile phone has become, keeping you in touch with the things that mean most to you.

The SecuritySMS monitoring camera will alert you by SMS when there are uninvited people in your home or business. Shortly after the SMS alert you will receive a series of images of the intrusion, and providing you with remote photo evidence.

  • The camera can send you a picture of visitors arriving at your business premises.
  • It can advise you when the children are safely home from school.
  • It can monitor work-sites so you know what's happening while you are away.
  • It can monitor your holiday home.
  • It can monitor any area that you want when you can't physically be there yourself.

There are hundreds of ways the SecuritySMS monitoring camera can meet your needs for affordable security monitoring 24/7.